Secret Coffee Cake Recipe

       Have you ever wanted to make coffee cakes like the ones that you eat at the cafes?
       Well   with this coffee cake recipe you will manage to make even better cakes!

   Coffee Cake Recipe
    This coffee cake recipe has some secrets as you might expected. But this recipe is not a simple one with just a few extra ingredients, it is a unique recipe that is only mentioned in just a few recipe books. A handful of people know how to make this cake so you shouldn't be amazed if the result is unique and totally different that anything you have ever made.
    What this coffee cake recipe has is some techniques you might not be familiar with so lets get to the point, the recipe!

   Coffee Cake Recipe - Ingredients

    What will you need to buy in order to make this cake..
Flour : 800gr
Sugar : 100gr
Walnuts : 10-20
Coffe : 50gr
Butter : 80gr
Special Ingredient 1
Special Ingredient 2
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